About ITGO

The International Trade Gateway Organization is a collaborative initiative of the public, private and academic sectors to create a globally-known logistics center in Western New York.



The mission of the Buffalo Niagara International Trade Gateway is to build upon the capacity of existing organizations and leverage the advantages of the region – extensive transportation system, experienced logistics and trade networks, positioning as part of the third largest and fastest growing metropolitan region in North America, and our history and reputation since the nineteenth century – as a center for trade and commerce.



  1. Serve as a critical component of Western New York’s economic development plan by strengthening the advanced manufacturing and services export base through enhancing and leveraging logistics capabilities.
  2. Create employment opportunities through attraction of freight to Western New York and engagement of global logistics stakeholders.
  3. Support attraction of new investment to the region by promoting and facilitating strategic market access opportunities due to region’s dual position as part of the 3rd largest market in North America and as an inland port for the Port Authority of NY/NJ.


“Other industry segments also have significant size and future job creation potential for the region. Some opportunities in these industries will flow from productivity investments to support the manufacturing, health and life sciences and tourism sectors that will have spillover effects – such as an increasing need for transportation and logistics to support a growing manufacturing sector.”
From “The Buffalo Billion Investment Development Plan” (Feb. 2013)