While ITGO plays a big-picture role in the growth of the bi-national Buffalo Niagara logistics and transportation ecosystem, everything we do is to create a competitive advantage for companies doing business, or wanting to do business, in the region. For that reason, ITGO offers technical assistance and referral services for companies moving freight to, from and through the bi-national Buffalo Niagara region, serving manufacturers, distributors and logistics companies in the following areas:

  • Resource referrals (trucking, warehousing, etc.)
  • Advocacy
  • Border crossing
  • Education
  • Workforce recruitment and development

ITGO is your access to the network in our bi-national region for logistics and transportation resources, shipping options and engagement at the CanAm border. Let ITGO help you navigate Buffalo Niagara’s regional logistics ecosystem, to smooth your shipping, warehousing and import/export processes.

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ITGO Mission:

ITGO’s mission is to build upon the capacity of existing organizations and leverage the advantages of our region – an extensive transportation system, experienced logistics and trade networks, positioning as part of the third largest and fastest growing metropolitan region in North America, and our history and reputation since the nineteenth century – as a center for trade and commerce.